Advanced Defect Tracking

Advanced Defect Tracking 1.0

Advanced Defect Tracking is designed to simplify development and bug tracking (See all)

Advanced Defect Tracking is designed for small and large software companies to simplify their feature development and bug tracking. The software allows you to track bugs, defects feature requests and suggestions by version, customer etc. Once bugs, defects, feature requests or suggestions are entered, real-time reports can be generated by employee, or by product and version to quickly determine what has or has not been resolved.

Advanced Defect Tracking stores its data in a network database that supports simultaneous access by multiple users. With it's easy to install client/server installation, upgrades are easy and quick.

General Features
- Quickly create defects/feature/suggestions by product and version.
- Unlimited number of products and versions for each product.
- Use Crystal Reports to modify existing reports, or use any other reporting tool to create custom reports against our ODBC compliant database.
- Employees can easily find out what work is left to be done on a product and version.
- Custom terminology so the software fits your business model.
- Audit Trail accurately tracks additions, modifications and deletions in the database.

Advanced Features
- Advanced Defect Tracking keeps an audit trail to track what information is being modified.
- Employees can assign multiple attachments to each incident.
- Employees can quickly report on what has and has not been fixed for a product or version.
- Employees can quickly report on what has and has not been fixed for defects assigned to a particular employee.
- Defects, features, suggestions can be assigned to an Employee and later reported on.

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